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Oct. 29, 2021

184. || Tracy Robbins King

On this Episode I talk to Tracy Robbins King about overcoming fear, embracing weaknesses, and having the courage to jump into the unknown!

Tracy's Instagram: @tracydrobbins 

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Tracy Robbins King

Creation Coach, Former History & Spanish Teacher

Tracy Robbins King is a lover of tacos al pastor, guacamole and Jesus! She is known for her enthusiasm for life and learning. She is currently reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and highly recommends it to all. She is also about to complete the Brooke Snow Creation Coach certification program & is launching into creation coaching. Tracy’s favorite fundamental is sleep and knows it is essential to a healthy and happy life. She plays pickle-ball when she gets the chance and loves her husband, David. One of her greatest accomplishments is marrying him! Tracy is the host and producer of the Thy Neighbor Podcast, she invites you to listen & subscribe!