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May 19, 2022

The Downfall Of The Disconnected Entrepreneur

The Downfall Of The Disconnected Entrepreneur

The internet. It's changed everything, and I feel like the fact that I need to start my article by saying that says everything about what I am going to write about. I read a baffling story from the Washington Post that highlighted a real estate broker that was the number one ranked agent/broker in the city of Atlanta with over 300 homes sold or leased in 2021. The kicker, he lives 600 miles away in Florida! HOW? How the hell does some dude with a laptop 600 miles away beat out every local "expert" that's hustling day in and day out? How does a firm with no direct ties to a community, no boots on the ground, and no local office sell more than every one else? The answer? The internet. The internet has broken the traditional systems and many of us have yet to even realize, let alone harness and utilize its power. This story blew my mind and the deeper I dove into it the more I realized that even I, someone who prides himself on social media marketing and content creation, is barely scratching the surface. 

Those that do not take the time to learn how the internet can further enhance their business either through content, branding, or customer acquisition channels will lose. Straight up they will lose. Those that over-rely on traditional media that is rapidly losing mind share in our digital world will lose. Those that take social media lightly and do not over educate the end consumer about their product or service will lose. 

So the question becomes how can you win? I attended a class a few days ago titled "How To Swipe Clients From Other Realtors Videos!" That was it, that was the title. The teacher admitted that many agents were not happy about the title but insisted that is the reality of what is happening regardless of whether we want to see it or not. So step one is to decide right here, right now, to take these platforms seriously. The kids that are coming up in your game absolutely do and they will crush you. Maybe in a year maybe in ten but trust me when I tell you they are coming for you. 

Once you decide to take these tools seriously, devote 12 hours of dedicated study via YouTube and Google. Once you understand even the basics, get to work. It's so much more than just posting Instagram stories about your lunch. It's making the internet the focal point, the most important resource, for you and your company. Research tools, SAAS products to boost efficiency, freelance arbitrage to free up time. It's all out there! You know what they say, the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the next best time is right now! 

Get to it!